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Hold the picture in such a way that the “Shree Darshan” symbol remains on the bottom-right; then place it at a comfortable  reading distance and focus on your reflection, as you would in a mirror.   In a shortwhile, your reflection would disappear, whereafter you would perceive a depth from which a miraculous mystery would emerge.

It may take some time to comprehend the mystery of the picture but after a short practice you can perceive it very easily.


Note :-  * Do not concentrate on the image made on the surface.

         * If reflection is not clear, change your position according to lighting.

श्री दर्शन देखनेका तरीका

ध्यान यंत्र को पठने योग्य दुरी पर रखे और उसमे अपने प्रतिबिम को इस तरह देखे जैसे आइना देखते हैं कुछ ही पलमे हमे अपना प्रतिबिम गायब होता हुआ दीखाई देगा अंदरकी गहेराईमे एक अद्भुत रहस्य हमारी आंखो के सामने प्रतिस्थापित हो जाएगा.


टिप्पणीः * सतह पर बनी आकृति को न देखे अगर प्रतिबिम नहीं दीखे तो प्रकाश के अनुकूल स्थिति बनाये.(ध्यान यंत्र के रहस्य को पहेली बार समझ ने के लिये थोडी देर भी लग सकती है पर उस के बाद आप कुछ ही पलमे दर्शन पासकते हैं )

         * इस रहस्य को जानने के बाद हमारे मनमे एक अद्भूत ईश्वरीय दर्शन पाने की अनुभूति होगी.

ધ્યાન યંત્ર જોવાની રીત

ધ્યાન યંત્ર ને સૌપ્રથમ તમારી બન્ને આંખોની સામે એક ફુટ દુર રાખો. ધ્યાન યંત્ર માં તમારું પ્રતિબિમ જોવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરો. બસ હવે ધ્યાન યંત્ર ની ડીઝાઇન ન જોતા ફક્ત તમારા પ્રતિબિમ સામે દષ્ટિ ને સ્થિર કરો.ધીમેધીમે તમારું પ્રતિબિમ દેખાતું બંધથઇજશે અને અંદર છુપાયેલ એક અદ્ભૂત રહસ્ય તમારી આંખોની સામે આવશે.


         * ધ્યાન યંત્રનું રહસ્ય જાણ્યા પછી મનમાં એક અદ્ભૂત રીતે ઇશ્વરીય દર્શન થયાનો અહેસાસ થશે.

Benefits of viewing "DHYAN YANTRA"

The techniques and technologies of Vision Therapy were reviewed and developed throughout the twentieth century by many doctors of optometry and ophthalmology and innovations in the field continue to this day.

Although Dhyan yantra was initially viewed for its entertainment value, but today many people are aware of the health benefits of viewing Dhyan yantra images. Eye specialists use Dhyan yantra images for vision therapy. Viewing Magic Eye images is one kind of aerobics for your eyes.

Dhyan yantra images can improve your vision, relax the body and calm the mind. Practices such as meditation, yoga, stress management, speed reading and accelerated learning focus on bring to mind the same state you may have by viewing Dhyan yantra frame.

Vision Therapy has been extremely effective for many individuals, no guarantee as to the effectiveness in any specific case. Patient outcomes can vary widely from individual to individual, and as such, no warranty is stated or implied.

What is Binocular Vision Impairment?

A binocular vision impairment is any visual condition wherein binocular visual skills are inadequately developed. A comprehensive eye examination should include the testing of these important binocular visual skills:

Tracking: the ability to move the eyes across a sheet of paper
Fusion: the ability to use both eyes together at the same time
Stereopis: binocular depth perception
Convergence: the ability of the eyes to move and work as a team
Visual Motor Integration: the ability to transform images from a vertical to a horizontal plane


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