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About Us

Wel-Come to "Shree Darshan" Shree Darshan has been in the field of stereo 3-D picture for over a decade. It has presented many beautiful divine 3-D pictures, known as “Dhyan Yantra”,  to art lovers in the society. 

With a view to widening the scope of its uses, it has come out with some new development:  


* 3-D pictures of comic characters, animals, birds, landscape and other objects etc…  

* “Hidden Greetings” gives a new way to express the emotions of love and seasonal greetings.


What Is Stereogram-3D ?

Stereogram-3D is a visual-based scientific technique, which creates 3rd dimension (the depth) from especially made two dimensional images. On first look, a 3-D picture would look as dazzling and colorful as any 2-D picture, but when looked at from a particular angle, it would open up a plethora of magical views into which the viewer would be cajoled to lose himself. It is a mesmerizing, spectacular world of beauty to which one would be allured to enter.  One can’t resist himself from sharing the same feeling, with his loved ones, irrespective of their age. 


10 Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Students:

  1. Improved Concentration: Students were able to concentrate better and had more mental focus.

  2. Reduced Blood Pressure:  This reduction in blood pressure was regardless of whether the students were facing a stressful situation, like an examination, or not.

  3. Decreased Absenteeism & Tardiness:  In addition, meditation also reduced behavior problems.
  4. Better Grades: Students felt they were doing better with their homework and school work as well.

  5. Improved Interpersonal Relationships:  This included relationships at home, such as with siblings and parents.

  6. More Confidence:  One of the most important qualities to develop for children, students and young adults.

  7. Better Sleep:  The importance of proper sleep in being understood more and more in today’s hectic sleep deprived world.

  8. Headache Relief:  Always a good thing .

  9. Calmness:  Same as blood pressure above, it helped the students who learned meditation remain calm even during stressful times.  This is important in all aspects of life I feel.  In sports, interviews, tests and the other challenging situations life inevitably brings forth, remaining calm is the key to success, health and happy living.

  10. Sharper Brains:  I have often alluded to meditation helping the brain function better.  This and other research that looks at brain imaging, etc, is now validating this point as well.


Our Location

Our Location